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We'll send a Letter of Demand for chasing a debt. OR, we'll deliver a Letter of Denial to dispute a debt.

Each one is tailor-made for you on our letterhead for just $95.

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I liked knowing upfront what the cost was going to be and not having to sit there and think how can we make this process go quicker because every minute is costing.

Sharon Moala, Waitara

You were courteous, organized, replied to my emails promptly and were easy to contact such that I could call with questions to get an immediate reply. Also, I like the check-lists and what to expect next as it also kept me informed and organized too.

Arnaz Mehta, Auckland

Was told to watch out with online law firms, but i am glad we did not listen to them. Had nothing but wonderful and honest help. Would definitely use your company again.

John Koele, Auckland


Now available at a fraction of the cost.


Letter of Demand
  • You can let the debtor know you've hired a lawyer and you're serious about collecting a debt.

  • Our letter of demand provides a cost-effective first step in getting your debt paid.

  • Often the debt is paid without further need for legal services once this formal and final notice is sent.

  • As your instructed lawyers, Legal Beagle will assist you in the legal process of recovering your debt if the Letter of Demand is not paid.

Letter of Denial
  • You can record the issues you have with an alleged debt and let the person or company know you've hired a lawyer.

  • You can warn that court action may be necessary before the debt can be considered legitimate.

  • A letter of denial enables debt management such as negotiating a reduction or payment plan.

  • As your instructed lawyers, Legal Beagle will assist you in the legal process of denying a debt if further action is required. 


Working with us is easy.

Our affordable legal services are all online.  

Everything we do is via our snazzy and easy to use Client Dashboard on our website.


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We've helped 3588 clients since 2012. 


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Friendly and Experienced

Our team responds to your needs quickly; providing you with outstanding service.

Plain English

We want you to understand what you are doing, getting and/or signing.

Debt Dispute Specialists

Our experienced lawyers will advise you on the best way to collect or deny a debt.


We act for you.



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