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Get it Right

Neglecting to write your terms and conditions because you're caught up in the sexier part of running a business can impact your cash flow through delayed payments. Customers often give lower priority to bills from small firms but with the right terms in place, you can ensure that you get paid first. If you get your terms right there is no excuse for slow payments.

Prepare to Write

See what’s already out there and use it for inspiration but do not copy (think breach of copyright). Next make a list of everything your business does and the services provided. Write down any standard terms you offer your customers at the moment and next to the list of things your business does write down all the potential things that could go wrong. 

Time to Write

Ts & Cs vary since each business will have unique needs but common items include defining the goods and services you sell, payment terms, guarantees or warranties offered, and delivery timelines. Also, specifying what happens if either party doesn't deliver or pay or wants to end the relationship, the terms of the agreement and what law governs the contract. 


Best to get help

If you're adding a limitation of liability clause or something more specialist or sophisticated, it's worth seeking advice from us. We can give your Ts & Cs a final once over. We will know the areas where you could find yourself in hot water so it's best to get help to get it right the first time.



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We give upfront, affordable prices for our legal services that are inclusive of GST and expenses. Our free instant quotes are valid for 2 weeks and backed by our Fixed Price Guarantee so you won't get a shock from extra costs.


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Never Ending List

We know you have a never ending list of tasks to complete when starting a business. Finding customers, keeping them happy, and then finding some more are your top priorities. Making time to set out your Ts & Cs may not be as exciting but will lay a solid foundation for your business and avoid problems further on. 



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