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Why a SHA?

A company's constitution is available for public inspection but many clients like to keep sensitive arrangements between shareholders confidential so they prepare a SHA. A shareholder agreement provides a procedural framework for the administration of the company and, in particular, for resolving disputes. We can review your SHA to make sure you understand what it says.

What's Included?

A SHA can include any matters that the shareholders wish it to but will generally answer the following; how to deal with funding, how decisions will be made, how you will be able to sell your shares, cover restraints of trade and what you want to have happen if things go wrong. A good SHA is written in plain English and we know a thing or two about that, remember? We're the lawyers that don't speak like lawyers.

Avoid Mistakes

Get some advice on this as no two SHA's are alike. Getting everything documented (and reviewed by us) and signed is a great way to avoid mistakes. Put a binding agreement in place to record your intentions so you can get on with building your business with peace of mind.


Things Change

This is true. At the start of a business venture all the participants are enthusiastic and positive. There is excitement (literally in the air) about the company's future prospects and everyone agrees it's great. It's easy to imagine the best case scenarios (company changes the world or makes $$$) but hard imagining the worst. Having the hard discussions at the start gives clarity to everyone involved, recognises that things change, and prepares everyone for it.


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We are proud to be breaking the mold of the traditional, boring, expensive lawyer. Our fast, free quotes come with a Fixed Price Guarantee. There are no hidden surprises or overcharging with Legal Beagle.


By modernising the legal industry in New Zealand we have made buying legal services online so quick and easy that it has become the new norm. All our communication with clients is done online and by email, phone and Skype so clients don't need to come to our offices. 

Don't be Afraid

We're not like other lawyers. We have the courage to do things differently and try new things. We have great respect for technology and the benefits it gives us and our clients. Sure, fear the traditional, bill-by-the hour types, but feel safe with us. We've got your interests covered with timely and affordable legal advice. 



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