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Your Exit Plan
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Succession Planning

A succession plan is for ensuring your business is successful without you and is essential if you’re considering selling. If you tackle your succession plan early you will be ready for any transition or emergency such as a health issue and achieve a higher value for your business.


Get Ready

When getting a business ready for sale make sure finances are in prime shape, your business plan is updated and all staff are prepared. Minimise risks, resolve all legal disputes and lock down all intellectual property as assets with trademarks and patents. Hire a professional (like us) to advise you.

Make your Pitch

An information or sales memorandum is basically the ad for your business. It should be easy to read and contain an executive summary that gets straight to the point by stating what the business has to offer and why you’re selling it. 


Possible Buyers

Look to employees, competitors in NZ and overseas, suppliers or customers, individual entrepreneurs, and investment groups as potential buyers. Make a list of who might want to buy your business to help you identify what you need to do to get ready.  




Our mission is to make the law more accessible, understandable and affordable for Kiwis so they don't put off getting a lawyer. All our communication with clients is done online and by email, phone and Skype so clients don't need to come to our offices.  We provide round-the-clock access to your legal documents and handy legal guides. 

Instant Quote

At Legal Beagle we provide instant free quotes that are backed by our Fixed Price GuaranteeThere are no hidden surprises or overcharging at Legal Beagle. When you get a free quote it is valid for three months and includes GST.

Determining Worth

Your business is worth what people are willing to pay for it but there are tools to use to know what is a realistic and fair price.  Asset valuations, cost of entry comparisons, and price-earnings ratio valuations are three ways to determine what your business is worth. We can help advise you when you are ready to sell your business.



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