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About your Image

Your logo (an "image" trademark) helps you set up a strong visual brand to help your business grow and becomes a valuable business asset that you can license or sell. Your business name is a "text only" trademark and it, too, needs protection to stop other people from using it which can confuse your customers. 

What is IPONZ?

IPONZ stands for the Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand. IPONZ is the government agency that is responsible for the granting and registration of intellectual property rights, such as trade marks.  They have a clear trade mark process chart, click here.

Green Light Go

After we help you prepare and file your trade mark application we will notify you if it is accepted by IPONZ. If IPONZ raises any issues with your application, we forward you the report with our letter of advice.


Fun facts

You can also register sounds, smells, shapes and colours as trade marks with IPONZ. Legal Beagle will happily register the trademark for your company name and logo but, sorry, we can't help you with the other ones but will refer you to law firms that do. Protect your brand today as the longer you're in business the more intellectual property your business produces, and the greater the value of that property becomes.


Instant Quote

Helpful, simple and affordable are three words to describe us. All our pricing is upfront with no hidden costs. You can get an instant quote that is valid for two weeks and includes GST. 


Help and advice from our team when you need it and round-the-clock access to your legal documents and handy guides too. We can securely store your trade mark registration certificate in our document safe (if needed). 

Peace of mind

A registered trademark gives its owner legal protection and peace of mind. When you know you are the only one who is allowed to use your business name and logo to sell goods or services in New Zealand it simplifies your goal of growing your business.



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