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Structure is key

The limited liability company has proven to be the most popular and successful business structure in New Zealand because it limits the personal liability of its shareholders should the company be placed in liquidation. We are experienced in helping sole traders, partnerships and Kiwis with new businesses set up New Zealand registered companies.


What we provide

We provide you with help and advice from our qualified team. Our service includes registration of your company at the New Zealand Companies Office and the incorporation certificate is emailed to you within 1 hour (during business hours). You get an up-to-date Constitution (a set of rules), and the opening minutes for your company plus instant IRD and GST registration for your company.

Think about this

The other issues to consider when starting a new company are choosing your company name, appointing a director, looking into local authority rules, and sourcing market information. That's a lot to think about but we can help you and make sure the registration is done right the first time. 


More than a name

A business name conveys the image you want to project and from the moment you start using your business name, your company becomes defined by it. Once your company is registered no other company can be registered with the same or similar name. A company has a separate legal entity so it can last beyond your lifetime. A powerful business name will stand the test of time. 



Legal Beagle can register your new company online within hours. Complete an easy online questionnaire in about 15 minutes. We review your answers and then send you consent forms for each director and shareholder to sign. Fax or email the forms back then we register your company and send you the details. Easy, affordable and timely service.

Instant Quote

There are no hidden fees or surprises and our fixed quotes are valid for three months. The price of this service includes GST, government company filing fees and a folder couriered to you with your company's certificate of incorporation and other company documents.

Develop with confidence

Once you’ve laid solid legal foundations for your business, you can then start developing it with confidence. Keep believing in yourself and your ability to succeed.  Trust us to provide you with reliable service and advice to get you going in the right direction.



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