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Contract for Services
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If you’re thinking of working as an independent contractor, it is essential to have a written contract in place which covers the conditions under which you will provide your services. Key issues such as service definition and scope, duration, rates and invoicing, confidentiality, liability and jurisdiction are included in a contract. We can review the contract (before you sign it) to make sure you get it right the first time.

A.K.A. "Self-employed"

Unlike employees, independent contractors are not covered by the Employment Relations Act or the Holidays Act 2003. They are responsible for their own ACC and tax payments. They may also be required to register for GST and file GST returns. These are some issues to consider when considering self-employment.

Pros and Cons

Contracting has pros and cons for both contractors and the organisation. It is important that the nature of the relationship is clear, due to the different ways the law requires employees and independent contractors to be treated.  


Protect Yourself

The first steps of an employment relation are important. Get it all sorted contractually and the relationship starts off on the right foot. An independent contractor agreement or contract for services will ensure the employer and contractor know what to expect. Protect the relationship with a clear understanding of your agreement from the start.


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All of our quotes are backed by our Fixed Price GuaranteeWe've heard lots of stories about people going to see their lawyer and ending up with a bill for a lot more than they expected.  This won't happen with Legal Beagle. Our Fixed Price Guarantee applies to all quotes we provide, so you won't get a shock from extra costs like some lawyers charge.


Our legal services are online so clients can organise their legal affairs from home or work and they don’t have to visit our office. We enjoy being able to provide legal services from anywhere we can connect to Wifi!

Get to Work

With help and advice from our friendly employment lawyers you'll have peace of mind from understanding your independent contractor agreement. With this knowledge you may choose to accept the agreement and get to work or raise any concerns about the agreement with your prospective employer.   



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