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Janice Fieldes

IT and Accounts Manager



Janice has a passion for mathematics and as Legal Beagle's Accounts Manager, she looks after the clients' money and makes damn sure it is where it needs to be.

She says the NZ Law Society has very strict rules as to how clients' money is handled and her job is to ensure Legal Beagle follows those rules. Janice has worked for the Kings, previously for Dennis and Yvonne and now, Claudia, for a total of 20 years. Her job is to oversee the clients' trust account and oversees the firm's business account as well. She likes the figures to balance and derives professional satisfaction from facing a mountain of figures and "working it all out". 

She and her husband, Don, share a love of music and the world of music has brought them many good friends and good times. The other love of their lives is Blitz, their faithful canine companion. And just for fun, Janice likes David Lee Roth's quote, "I used to jog but the ice kept falling out of my glass".



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