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Claudia King




Claudia created Legal Beagle in 2012 to make the buying of legal services and documents online so quick and easy that people don't think twice about doing it. 

When she recognised a need to start selling legal documents to Kiwis, finding the right automation software that allowed her to do this in an affordable and flexible way proved to be a barrier. Not one to give up easily (or at all), she set out to destroy that barrier herself when she co-founded Automio (the company and the software). Building her own automation software has made it possible to provide DIY legal documents to Kiwis, while reducing her own stress and workload.

Advocating and advancing the modernisation of the legal industry requires a deep respect for technology. Everyday is a quest for Claudia to improve her technology knowledge and skills. She sees technology as a vital tool in making legal documents affordable, understandable, and accessible for people and communities. As a calculated risk taker, Claudia does not let the fear of failure hold her back. Her aim is to create meaningful change today to meet the future needs of a different client base.

She knows what her values are and acts from the heart. Creating time to do what matters most, like spending time with her husband and two children, drives her to work smarter not harder.  



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