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Claudia King




Claudia created Legal Beagle in 2012 to make the buying of legal services and documents online so quick and easy that people don't think twice about doing it. 

When she recognised a need to start selling legal documents to Kiwis, finding the right automation software that allowed her to do this in an affordable and flexible way proved to be a barrier. Not one to give up easily (or at all), she set out to destroy that barrier herself when she co-founded Automio (the company and the software). Building her own automation software has made it possible to provide DIY legal documents to Kiwis, while reducing her own stress and workload.

Advocating and advancing the modernisation of the legal industry requires a deep respect for technology. Everyday is a quest for Claudia to improve her technology knowledge and skills. She sees technology as a vital tool in making legal documents affordable, understandable, and accessible for people and communities. As a calculated risk taker, Claudia does not let the fear of failure hold her back. Her aim is to create meaningful change today to meet the future needs of a different client base.

She knows what her values are and acts from the heart. Creating time to do what matters most, like spending time with her husband and two children, drives her to work smarter not harder.  



Yvonne King

Office Manager



Yvonne's role is supporting the staff by ensuring they have the necessary resources and systems to be effective in their roles.

Her main focus is on having a structure in place that allows the team members to perform at their best providing excellent results for happy customers. 

Yvonne has worked in business management ever since she returned from an OE and realised there was a shortage of teaching work. At that point she chose to study accountancy and never looked back 

Yvonne's “other” job is breeding sport horses. By combining the best of German warmblood lines with the best of the NZ thoroughbred lines they are trying to produce the ultimate eventer for the international market. Also, her beautiful grandchildren bring her great joy.

Yvonne is inspired by this quote from John Quincy Adams, "If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader".



Zac Bingham

Business Development Manager



Zac wants to be able to go skiing on a Wednesday.

And he wants his busy professional friends to come too. He’s been a corporate lawyer for the better part of a decade (in New Zealand and overseas) and he not only sees change a-coming, he wants to help drive it. Zac loves spreading the gospel according to Automio: he wants his professional friends to work smarter, not harder, and all without having to sacrifice income (actually, to increase it… !).

Zac has no time for being told things “can’t be done” and believes the coming wave of automation is an opportunity for business people to improve their personal and professional lives. He’s involved in a handful of other start-up businesses, and loves the dynamic and challenging working environment that comes with #startuplyf.

When he’s not in the office or otherwise online, Zac enjoys a multitude of outdoor activities. Embrace Automio in your business, and he’d be happy to see you in the snow mid-week!



Olivia Wensley

Customer Success Manager



Olivia has always been a self-professed computer nerd and tech-lover.

As an early adopter of legal technology when practising as a Lawyer, she has seen the huge benefits ($$$!) that can be gained as a result.

In Olivia's prior life, she was working as an in-house Lawyer at a large bank in Singapore focusing on commodities and derivatives. Olivia has prior experience in Civil Litigation and Criminal Defence, and she has worked in Auckland, Sydney and Singapore prior to moving to Queenstown.

She realised there was more to life than the corporate rat-race and relocated to Queenstown, New Zealand to enjoy the great outdoors (especially the skiing). In her off time, Olivia is an avid photographer, and can be spotted capturing New Zealand's most scenic locations with her camera.



Morgan Kane



Morgan's goals are to help people and continue learning.

Morgan is studying towards an LLB and BA, majoring in History and International Relations at Victoria University Wellington. She decided that working at Legal Beagle is the best way for her to be continuously learning and helping people. 

This year Morgan is getting some practical experience before heading back in 2018 to complete her law degree. At Legal Beagle she works on the flows that produce our automated legal documents as well as helping our customers with any queries they have. 

Morgan was born and raised in New Plymouth and loves exploring the outdoors. She shares a wonderful quote with us by Socrates, “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old but on rebuilding the new”. We are fortunate that Morgan’s energy is focused on Legal Beagle this year.



Matt Sagen

Designer & Developer



Matt writes the software that we use to create the best possible customer experience, increase our efficiency, and in turn lower our prices.

Currently he is working on Automio that helps professionals like lawyers, accountants and business advisors capture their expertise and create automated, online self-service products to sell to their customers. 

Matt has over 15 years of professional IT experience (Sales, Project Planning and Management, Branding, User Interface Design, Software Development, and QA) and credits his Dad and his brother for encouraging him to write code from a very early age. He loves the creative challenge of designing interfaces and the technical challenge of building them. He enjoys helping businesses like Legal Beagle to modernise not only their technology, but their culture and processes, freeing people to spend more time doing what they love, both in and out of their offices.

When he is out of the office (and not looking after his 2 children and his dog with his wife, Mary), he is playing piano and guitar, rollerblading, surfing, or biking. As a classically trained jazz pianist he appreciates this quote: "Talking about music is like dancing about architecture" by Martin Mull.



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